Friday, January 15, 2010


Continuing on the Adventure Time theme from the last post, I wanted to share some model sheets I found on the Adventure Time Blog. Obviously, these images are the copyright of Cartoon Network, but we are simply using this for Educational Purposes.

For the main characters of the show, Designers create the full turnaround of 5 poses, such as the following...

These Model sheets are produced without guidelines. For whatever reason, they decided to be loose with the poses in the turnaround.

In the next model sheets, you will see that they're creating the designs quite traditionally. The characters are inked with what looks like a brush, or brush pen. The only guides used are a size relation to the main character. For this somewhat main incidental character, they stopped at the 3 pose turnaround, eliminating the need for the front and back.

For even lesser characters that may only be on screen for short periods of time, like in a mob or crowd, production tends to need even less info, ranging from 1-2 poses.

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